Tea Tree Oil as Natural Deodorant

Tea Tree Oil as Natural Deodorant Article on Best Essential Oil TipsTea Tree Oil is a great alternative to commercial deodorant. The scent of the natural deodorant is fresh and clean. Tea Tree oil as a natural product, used as a natural deodorant, also has the bonus of cleaning the skin of bacteria which can cause infection, especially after shaving. This is due its antiseptic properties.

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil as Natural Deodorant
NOW Tea Tree Oil, Amazon.com

My Experience –¬†Natural Deodorant

I have always felt I sweat a lot – in fact, whenever fabric of any type touches my underarms I begin to sweat, no matter the temperature. Throughout my life I would wear tank tops to avoid this, or risk large sweat rings under my arms with anything longer than a cap sleeve. So I tried all the deodorants and antiperspirants in the drug store I could afford, no matter what the ingredients may have been.

Common deodorants contain antiperspirant agents, usually pore-clogging chemicals, designed to keep you from sweating but which can cause infection of the pores. I’ve experienced this and it is no fun. That’s why when I learned that tea tree oil works as a natural deodorant, I gave it a go.

I fully expected tea tree oil natural deodorant technique to only take care of odor but what I found was that it goes beyond deodorant and can work as an antiperspirant. The oil has a cooling sensation on the skin that lasts a good amount of the day and actually prevents me from sweating, even with long-sleeve tops! Natural products can go beyond your expectations when compared with chemical-laden, commercial products.

In my opinion tea tree oil is the best deodorant. I feel tea tree oil is the best deodorant as it is completely natural and worry-free – you know exactly what you are putting on the your skin, oil of the tea tree.

It doesn’t smell like baby powder or any artificial flowery perfume. The smell of tea tree oil (in moderation) does not irritate the nose. I find that as I get older I am more sensitive to artificial scents and many perfumes give me a headache. My pits smell clean and fresh, even under stress (even if I do begin the sweat!).

NOW Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil applied with cotton balls
Natural Deodorant: Tea Tree Oil applied to the underarm with cotton balls

How I Use it

I soak a cotton ball in 4-5 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil and gently rub the cotton ball on each armpit, dispersing the oil. It may not seem like much or feel like you are getting full coverage but a small amount of this natural deodorant goes a long way. In high concentrations tea tree oil can irritate the skin so be careful to only use a few drops or even dilute it with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond base oil or hazelnut base oil.

Where to Find Tea Tree Oil

Now if you are asking yourself, “where do I find tea tree oil?” I can help. I purchase my tea tree oil online at Amazon.com but you can also find it in some natural food stores.


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